Universal change starts with you.

Offering Master Level Coaching support to women and women leaders.

Redefine your truth, liberate your soul, change the world. 

World change sounds intimidating.

You're thinking, hand me a margarita and I'll hide behind these sunglasses... 

...but when you bravely choose to redefine your truth you learn how to set your soul free, and live and lead in a way that sets others free with compassion.

Compassion changes the world.

Grab your 'rita and let me show you.


Hi! I'm Kitty and I'm on a mission to change the world, one woman at a time.

Kitty Kistler, Master Coach & Women's Mentor

I have been a coach for over 5 years and a leader my whole life.

My personal journey has been one of victories, triumphs, loss, and defeat, but most of all it's a story of perseverance. Through my own healing I began to understand what's needed most in this world is the same thing that allows us to live a fulfilling life reflected in the pure freedom of accepting who you are and living as her fully and unapologetically.

My work in corporate offices, the service industry, and as a business recruiter has left me with nothing but compassion for those who are expected to show up everyday in a world that hurts and lacks social justice and equity. I spent years in leadership telling people to they weren't enough or worthy of more.

So I quit.

As a women, and mom to 3 amazing girls, I know it's my responsibility to express myself as a feminist and promote equality and humanity at all times. As a wife and woman navigating my own world, it is my passion to embrace this life with more love and less ego. 

Over the past 5 years I have helped hundreds of women step into a life that felt free and rewarding and I'm ready to continue that mission.


Why I'm so passionate about compassion.

I have been a Coaching Professional since 2017 specializing in helping women see their full potential and mentoring coaches to become great leaders by understanding that their unique life journey has shaped them into the very person they are today.

It's important to me that women, especially coaches, healers, and mentors lead from a space of love and compassion for all humans. I believe that when a person can leave behind their ego, judgement, and pride and bravely redefine their truth, they're able to inspire massive impact on the world they live and work in and live a life that allows their personal truth and absolute freedom. 

When I witness a transformation as powerful as the ones my clients experience, I know change is happening in a much larger way --in directions and lives I may never know

The coaching industry is dear to my heart because of the forward facing approach to healing and creating a new reality by releasing the old. As an Ambassador for Change, I don't want to see coaching misrepresented or become a space of toxicity, but instead I want to see it grow into an accessible mainstream idea.

I take great pride in the progress and success of my clients, and look forward to helping you become a change maker in this amazing world too.


Life Coaching for the Modern Woman

Being a woman in this world can be overwhelming leading to many emotional and physical traumas. Learn how to unravel all of the social influences and fully emerge as the woman you were born to be.


Leadership Coaching for Women Coaches and Business Leaders

You are inspired to help and guide others through your coaching and leadership, let's get you started on using your influence to change the world.


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